A Fault By Default

The Stories of Silent Screams and Endless Dreams

5 Perfect Tricks To Get the Eyeliner Right At One Go

This Was Just The Perfect New Year’s Eve

A Trip to Paradise … Lansdowne is Heavenly Beautiful!

Even The Universe Knew It Was Over…

He brutally shunned her out of his life saying “he felt suffocated in her presence” She was benumbed. Even tears could not roll down her cheeks. It was a sight as heart-wrenching as death. After all, a relationship had died.... Continue Reading →

Satanic Angels & Angelic Devils

The world is meant to be a wonderful and happy place for all, irrespective of the incomprehensible emotions they savor. It is not just for a savage individual but for the victims too. The world is the answer to all... Continue Reading →

Here’s How to Get Over A Break Up Quickly

Dear Ladies, After being surrounded by a ridiculously hysterical breed of people, my quest to establish peace with the demons inside me has reached a whole new level. Having heard volumes about the humanity still existing and the presence of... Continue Reading →

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