The Basic and Advanced Methods of website design development

Web design literally means designing websites digital marketing agencies, developing a project on the web intended to communicate content to the user. This definition leaves some time it finds if you do not go to investigate the skills involved in a web design job, if you do not deal with the functions of a web interface, if you do not pay all the attention, when we do web design, to the expectations of those who use a site. The user therefore is recipient of the website design development.

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Web design: designing and creating websites

Talking about web design means involving different web professionals: the international association of web professionals establishes that to date there are 24 third generation European ICT professional profiles: among these there are several that concern to the sphere of web design digital marketing agencies malaysia, from the User Experience Designer, to the Frontend Web Developer, to the Information Architect.

Backend vs. frontend, development vs. design, UI vs. UX

Today the boundaries between once distinct roles, when working on the web, have become more liquid. Web interface programmers and developers continue to perform different tasks, but often using the same languages, so much so that they frequently confuse the cards on the tasks assigned to them.

Who works mainly in the backend , that is behind a site, is mainly the programmer, a developer , with his hands “under the hood”, on servers and databases, expert in programming languages ​​such as PHP or ASP to name the most famous.

Managing the frontend, what the user of a site sees, is instead the exclusive prerogative of the designer, web designer in this case, who takes care of creating the graphics, applying them to the web and making them accessible to all the needs of the surfer. And here the difficulties due to the variety of operating systems, browsers, devices, sizes, behaviors come into play.

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Hic sunt leones: user interface and user experience, UI (User Interface) and UX (User eXperience). The UX design is to understand what choices will make the user within a site and how they react to each of them, so that those who design interface will enable a satisfying experience.

The UI design is rather the translation into concrete action technology that enables man to relate to a multimedia product, thanks to the intervention of those who create the site. UX and UI design should not be confused, they represent two different moments in the production of an interface, but they are also two areas that work together to define the relationship that the user will have with the web product.

The web designer, in summary, in assuming the role of UI designer must pay attention to:

  • Typography and interface, so that they communicate well with each other in communicating a content message to the target audience;
  • Color scheme, which is clear and guides the user without confusing him in the right direction;
  • Structure of the site, immediately recognizable, so that in the few seconds that a visitor dedicates to the project he immediately understands what he has to do, or where he should click.

The main way to a good UI design consists in not forgetting to be a user, before a web creator: if in a frontend a designer takes two seconds to orient his click, an average user will leave before having understood what do.